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We install and service Mitsubishi and Trane air conditioning systems in New Jersey. We repair Trane and Mitsubishi VRF AC units for home and business. We are Mitsubishi Trained and Certified to install and service their City Multi heating and cooling product line, ductless mini-split AC sytems, commercial air conditioning, as well as install and service residential Mitsubishi and now with Trane VRF air conditioning. Trane partnered with Mitsubishi VRF Air Conditioning Systems in the United States of America.
We are also licensed as a Master HVACR Contractor in the State of Jew Jersey. We offer 25% off labor for senior citizens.

Let us convert you to high efficiency Mitsubishi-Trane fuel-less heating with air conditioning or install a Trane-Mitsubishi ductless minisplit VRF AC system for your home or business in NJ. We service residential and commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Mitsubishi-Trane AC systems in Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, Bayonne, Hackensack, Wayne, Clifton and others in Northern New Jersey.
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                                                                                                      Mitsubishi - Trane Home and Business HVACR Heating and Cooling Services

New Jersey Oil and Gas is your one stop place for sales and service of Mitsubishi and Trane's full range of VRFcooling and heating. We take care of Mitsubishi-Trane Residential Ductless air conditioning and Mitsubishi City Multi line of commercial heating and cooling and other HVAC needs so that it runs efficiently, provides comfort and is reliable. Our Mitsubishi-Trane certified training on their City Multi product line assures you proper and trouble free installation of Mitsubishi and Trane Heating and Cooling products. Our trained personel will install Mitsubishi and Trane air conditioning for your home or business that has a warranty for three years in material, labor and the equipment itself. This assures you of trouble free performance which runs in conjunction with Mitsubishi's or Trane's equipment warranty.

We install and service Mitsubishi as well as Trane residential and commercial VRF air conditioning in Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Union, Essex, Sussex, Middlesex and Morris counties in New Jersey.

Joseph Routis, Gen. Manager & Master HVACR - NJ Lic. No. 6627

We provide you service Day & Night!

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                                             Why We Like Trane and Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling, and Together We Improve Your Cooling Comfort and Protect Your Investment

Why VRF is the Future of HVAC.

VRF, short for Variable Refrigerant Flow is a type of fuel-less heating based on air source thermal technology. It also has the capability to balance load like a sophisticated mainframe computer to better manage its resources.

Probably more than fifteen years ago, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating introduced variable refrigerant flow HVAC technology to the United States of America and since then no other manufacturer has done more to advance this technology and apply the most efficient, flexible HVAC system for home and business environments. Trane incidentally, has now partnered with Mitsubishi for their VRF Ductless Air Conditioning products in the United States and we now service both Trane and Mitsubishi VRF AC.

VRF technology allow a smaller air conditioning unit to cool a larger area by shifting its available resources to where it is needed such as when the Sun is moving from one side of a house or building. As an example: when cooling is needed most on a building with its eastern side exposed to the Sun in the morning, in between in the middle of the day, and on the western exposure to the Sun during the afternoon. In our area of New Jersey the Sun moves east to west above the southern sky.

Combine this VRF technology with a ductless AC system and losses in cooling and heating are further minimized to produce a much higher energy efficient performance than traditional ducted Central Air Conditioning.

Incidentally, Mitsubishi or now Trane VRF Air Conditioning Systems are highly conducive to being powered through the use of Renewable Energy sources such as with Solar Electric unlike other HVAC systems that use fossil fuel for heating. Our sun offers us an unlimited source of energy to power your Trane-Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling effectively, and at minimal cost to our planet and your pocket.

We believe that the Mitsubishi City Multi product line also offered by Trane provides some of the most efficient air conditioning designs found nowhere else. Case in point is their simultaneous heating and cooling capability; perfect for transferring heat from an area that requires extensive cooling to an office that requires more heat. This way cooling is provided to where it is needed while the heat extracted is transferred to someone else where it is appreciated; thus maximizing air conditioning efficiency and reducing overall energy expenditure costs.

Integrated building management by Mitsubishi Diamond Controls is another area such as in the use of M-net. Almost any mechanical system such as cooling and heating, lighting, elevators and escalators, ventilation and others can be integrated even if they are from different manufacturers. This versatility is scalable where users can manage multiple tenant spaces within the same building, at a single site or multiple sites. Controlling and monitoring air conditioning performance thru the Internet is just one aspect of it. Mitsubishi Diamond Controls Solutions can be accessed at any location. Also by controlling access remotely it removes the guesswork of someone touching a thermostat physically while giving managers full control when and where it is needed.

Mitsubishi’s Integration Controller capitalizes on VRF award-winning energy efficiency, maximizing cost savings and boosting occupant comfort. This particular Mitsubishi product and service solution results in efficiency plus individualized comfort improvement at an impressive savings in cost.

We install residential and commercial Trane and Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning systems in Newark, Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, North Bergen, Secaucus, Harrison, Lodi, Hackensack, Paterson, Wayne, Clifton, Union, East Orange, West Orange, Orange, South Orange, Dover, Denville, Edison, Paramus, Linden, Elizabeth, Bloomfield, Belleville, Totowa and most of Northern New Jersey.

Let us install a Mitsubishi or Trane VRF air conditioning system for your home or business. Trane is a brand of the Ingersoll Rand Company. Incidentally, we now provide service to help kill and remove Coronavirus, Covid-19, or SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens utilizing HVAC. Take control now and get rid of viruses, bacteria, mold, odor, smoke, allergens, and other dangerous volatile compounds using HVAC with proper filtration, Plasma IONizer, UV and other methods to purify the indoor air you breathe. We are Indoor Air Quality trained and Lead Safe practice certified.
We install and service Trane/Mitsubishi low profile ceiling hung indoor AC units in Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City, Linden, Clifton.
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